Creative Writing

Creative Writing Assignments/Handouts

Creative Writing Syllabus

Week 1: Introduction

8/20 (Thursday) Syllabus/Contracts/Writing Project Explanation/Twitter Writing Assignment--Share

8/21 (Friday) Mental Floss/Explanation of Writing Project

Creative Writing Project:

The Writing Project Description/Requirements

250 Things to Write

Writing Project Abstract

Writing Project Checklist

Week 2: Flash Fiction

8/24 (Monday) "Subtotals" Example/Create your own list of 25/Read 3 Flash Fiction stories and answer questions

8/25 (Tuesday) Creative Story Starters--Write 5 (or more) beginnings to a fictional story

8/26 (Wednesday) 55-Word Stories: Read examples/Write 2 (or more) 55-Word Stories

8/27 (Thursday) 55-Word Stories (Write more than two--you'll designate 2 for your grade)

8/28 (Friday) Writing Project Abstract

Flash Fiction:

Borrowing the First Line

Creative Story Starters

Flash Fiction Assignment

Week 3: Flash Fiction

8/31 (Monday) 2 250-word stories

9/1 (Tuesday) 2 250-word stories

9/2 (Wednesday) Flash fiction peer-editing/revision/Read "Plot" Bird by Bird--1/2 page response (due end of class Thursday)

9/3 (Thursday) Flash fiction stories due today with self-evaluation/"Plot" response due/Read "Character" Bird by Bird--complete "Character" handout (due Monday)

9/4 (Friday) Writing Project

Week 4: Short Story

9/7 (Monday) No School--Labor Day

9/8 (Tuesday) Read short story and answer questions

9/9 (Wednesday) Bumper Sticker prompt

9/10 (Thursday) Newspaper Article Prompt

9/11 (Friday) Writing Project

Short Story:

Newspaper Article Writing Stimulus

Bumper Sticker Activity

Bumper Sticker Example

Design a Character

That EVIL Short Story

Week 5: Short Story

9/14 (Monday) Toys Prompt

9/15 (Tuesday) Extra Short Story Prompt

9/16 (Wednesday) Short Story Work Time

9/17 (Thursday) Short Story Work Time

9/18 (Friday) Short Story Work Time

Week 6: Short Story

9/21 (Monday) Short Story Work Time

9/22 (Tuesday) Short Story Work Time

9/23 (Wednesday) Short Story Work Time

9/24 (Thursday) Short Story Peer Editing/Before You Leap Guides Explained/Brainstorm-5 Ideas for a BYL Guide

9/25 (Friday) Writing Project/Short Stories Due Today

Week 7: Before You Leap Guides

9/28 (Monday) BYL Guides

9/29 (Tuesday) BYL Guides

9/30 (Wednesday) BYL Guides

10/1 (Thursday) BYL Guides

10/2 (Friday) Writing Project

Week 8: Before You Leap Guides

10/5 (Monday) BYL Guides

10/6 (Tuesday) BYL Guides

10/7 (Wednesday) BYL Guides

10/8 (Thursday) BYL Guides

10/9 (Friday) Writing Project

Week 9: Before You Leap Guides

10/12 (Monday) BYL Guides

10/13 (Tuesday) BYL Guides

10/14 (Wednesday) Peer Edit--BYL Guides

10/15 (Thursday) Revise BYL Guides/Due Friday

10/16 (Friday) Writing Project

Week 10: Poetry

10/19 (Monday) Found Poetry

10/20 (Tuesday) Michelle Serros Poetry

10/21 (Wednesday) Nissan Cards Prompts

10/22 (Thursday) Write Two Poems From Packet

10/23 (Friday) Writing Project

Week 11: Poetry

11/2 (Monday) Poetry-"The Note Read"

11/3 (Tuesday) Group poetry reading/Explain 3 Poems Assignment

11/4 (Wednesday) 3 Poems Assignment

11/5 (Thursday) 3 Poems Assignment

11/6 (Friday) Writing Project

Week 12: Poetry

11/9 (Monday) 3 Poems Assignment

11/10 (Tuesday) No 7th Period Due to Testing Schedule

11/11 (Wednesday) 3 Poems Assignment

11/12 (Thursday) 3 Poems Assignment (Shortened Schedule Today)

11/13 (Friday) Writing Project

Week 13: Poetry/Saturday Night Live Skits

11/16 (Monday) Peer Edit for Poetry

11/17 (Tuesday) Revise Poetry and Turn in Today

11/18 (Wednesday) SNL-Watch Commercial Parodies

11/19 (Thursday) Read SNL Skits Out Loud/Read Skits on Scripts Website

11/20 (Friday) Writing Project

Saturday Night Live Skits:

Deep Thoughts

SNL Skits Requirements

Filming Schedule for SNL Skits

Script Format

Week 14: Saturday Night Live Skits

11/23 (Monday) Watch Some SNL Skits

11/24 (Tuesday) SNL Advertising Prompt

11/25 (Wednesday) Writing Project

11/26 (Thursday) No School

11/27 (Friday) No School

Week 15: Saturday Night Live Skits

11/30 (Monday) SNL Choice Prompt

12/1 (Tuesday) Individual SNL Skit

12/2 (Wednesday) Individual SNL Skit

12/3 (Thursday) Individual SNL Skit

12/4 (Friday) Writing Project

Week 16: Saturday Night Live Skits

12/5 (Monday) Individual SNL Skit

12/6 (Tuesday) Finish SNL Skit Today

12/7 (Wednesday) SNL Small Group Readings--Peer Edit and Determine Which Skit to Film

12/8 (Thursday) Revise SNL Skits and Turn in Today

12/9 (Friday) Last Writing Project Day!  Due Monday! 

Week 17: Saturday Night Live Skits/Travel Writing

12/14 (Monday) Writing Projects Due Today!  Explain Travel Writing Assignments/Filming Instructions/iMovie Training

12/15 (Tuesday) Travel Writing/SNL Filming/Editing

12/16 (Wednesday) Travel Writing/SNL Filming/Editing

12/17 (Thursday) Travel Writing/SNL Filming/Editing

12/18 (Friday) Travel Writing/SNL Filming/Editing

Travel Writing:

12 Types of Travel Articles

Editors Tips for Travel Writing

Travel Writing 101

Travel Writing Do's & Don'ts

Traveling in Your Own Town

Travel Writing Unit

Molvania Packet

Week 18: Saturday Night Live Skits/Travel Writing

1/4 (Monday) Travel Writing/SNL Filming/Editing

1/5 (Tuesday) Travel Writing/SNL Filming/Editing

1/6 (Wednesday) Travel Writing/SNL Filming/Editing

1/7 (Thursday) Travel Writing/SNL Filming/Editing

1/8 (Friday) Travel Writing/SNL Filming/Editing--Must Turn in SNL Skit at the Beginning of Class Monday/Travel Writing Assignments Due Monday--No Excuses!

Week 19: Writing Project Presentations

1/11 (Monday) Writing Project Presentations/SNL Skits Due (Load Onto External Harddrive)/Travel Writing Assignments Due!

1/12 (Tuesday) Writing Project Presentations

(Finals' Period) Writing Project Presentations/Watch SNL Skits

High School Wisdom:

High School Wisdom Instructions

Idiot's Guides:

Idiot's Guide Requirements


Body Metaphors/Similes

The Collection of Poetry


Use images to create a final piece of 1/2-1 page of creative writing (include the images). 

A website for inspiration:

Sign Spotting