LIncoln East Cross Country Home Page

Lettering and Certificate Requirements

Lettering Requirements

  • In order to earn a letter, an athlete must meet one of the following criteria:
    • Be a member of the varsity team in 3 or more meets.
    • Finish among the top five scorers for East in 2 major meets.
    • Place in the top 10 in any 2 major meets.
    • Qualify at districts and or participate in the state meet.
    • Any girl running a time of 17:35 or boy running a time of 18:20 at Pioneer Park.
    • A senior completing 3 years in good standing. (If you are lettering by virtue of being a senior only you must attend 97% of the practices adn run in all meets).
    • Athletes may also be considered for a letter based on coach's discretion.
  • Anyone receiving a letter must complete the season in good standing.

Certificate Requirements

  • In order to receive a certificate you must complete the season in good standing.  This is not an easy task: it will require dedication, perseverance, determination and effort consistently throughout the season.  A certificate to prove you have made it through the Cross Country season should be something you feel a real sense of accomplishment about.

Pheidippides Team

  • In order to become a member of teh Pheidippides Team by accomplishing one or more of the following:
  1. Improve your Pioneers Park PR from teh previous year by 45 seconds.
    • Example: If your PR in 2009 was 19:45, you need to run 19:00 or better.
  2. Improve your current years PR at Pioneers Park during the month of October by 30 seconds.
    • Example: If your Pioneers Park PR for teh year is 19:30 before October 1, you will need to runn 19:00 at Pioneer sometime during October.
  3. Medal in 2 or more varsity meets.