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Eastridge is an awesome place to learn and work...

When I tell people that I teach children through art and technology, they often look at me puzzled.  They do not see the connection between the two and/or they view art as strictly a right-brained process with technology being solely left-brained.

I share...

Art is the creative process and how one chooses to express that creativity.  Technology is a tool in which we can learn much about our world.  We can use technology to learn and create many things, including art. And as for using the sides of the brain, my hope is that students are encouraged to develop both sides of the brain in all curriculum areas; some areas may lend better to one side of the brain. However, a GREAT teacher will inspire students in many ways, using many modalities to assist in FULL brain development.

I am very fortunate to teach in a school where I see each excellent student twice a week, work with a dedicated and caring staff, and are supported by wonderful parents and community.

My hope is that this site is a good resource for you.  You should find recent articles, information for families, and Eastridge good news in art and technology.  If you ever have a need for new or different information, please let me know.

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