SCHOLASTIC ART (state competition for art)

The Scholastic art competition is a great opportunity for all art students.  This is a way to gain recognition for your art and be able to show your work with the best in the state.  If you receive an award, your artwork will be displayed with many others at the Omaha Public Schools TAC building.  There is also an awards ceremony and reception for award recipients.  Entry fees of $5 per entry for any category are needed, waivers are available for students who qualify for the free or reduced lunch program.  Please follow the link to enter or ask Mr. Petska for more information.


Nebraska Young Artist Awards: Junior students

The Nebraska Young Artist Awards annually recognize 11th grade students from Nebraska who are gifted and talented in the areas of visual art, dance, music, theatre, and film and new media. These students exemplify the pinnacles of creativity in one of the fine and performing arts.

For the areas of music, dance, theatre and film & new media, students must submit an application online, which includes uploading a sample of their work and a letter of recommendation from a teacher. Full instructions for the online application process are available at



Threadless is a T-Shirt Design company that asks for submissions from artists to print for their store.  They also always have several contests that have specific design problems to solve.  They pay designers up to $1000 if they choose to print your design!