Beginning pottery allows students to understand the many uses of clay in our everyday life and the important part it plays in our understanding of the past. Students learn the basic ways of creating ceramic forms, such as pinch, coil, slab, molds and wheel throwing. Students acquire knowledge of the stages of clay and methods of decorating and firing. Assignments include both functional and decorative objects. Through exploration of techniques, students are encouraged to express creativity, be able to communicate the intention of their work, and refine problem-solving skills

Course Requirements: 9-12th grade     Prerequisite: None

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Learning is much more individualized in the Advanced Pottery classes (levels 2-4).  Students are given choices in how they accomplish goals of each assignment which may include choice of techniques for building and glazing.  More work is done to develop the student's own personal style through the creative process.


Third and Fourth level students will produce of a body of work demonstrating a personal style and work toward creating a personal portfolio.


The gallery below includes images from levels 2-4.