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Choir Audition Information

Updated January 6, 2014


Choir Vocal Audition/Placements

for the 2014-15 School Year

January 6-28, 2014

Show Choir Dance Audition Info (See Below)

Students CURRENTLY in choir will do auditions during class time.


Students NOT currently in choir will need to come in before or after school.  

Please come to E-Wing and sign up for a 7-minute time slot.

Sign-up sheets are on the wall outside the the choir office. 

Vocal Audition consists of:

Warm-up to check vocal range

5 measure rhythm clapping exercise

5 pitch memory exercises

5-measures of sight-reading

A cappella performance (no accompaniment) of prepared piece that can be found in next paragraph).


Click HERE for the Choral Printed Music you are to learn. 

Learn the voice part that you are most comfortable with.

Learn the text, know where to breath, practice phrasing, etc.

You CAN use printed music for the audition!!!!  


Treble Clef- 1st line - Soprano

                       2nd line - Alto

                      3rd line - Tenor

Bass Clef-    1st line - Bass


Click on the Blue links below to hear your parts

Sing on a LA


Choir Audition 2014-15- Soprano

Choir Audition 2014-15- Alto

Choir Audition 2014-15- Tenor

Choir Audition 2014-15- Bass

Choir Audition 2014-15-All"


To Do List: (For ALL Choirs)

-Sign up for a 5-minute time slot (if NOT currently in a choir this school year),  Current students audition during class times. Sign-up on board outside choir office in E-wing. 

-Go to and print off the audition music (see above "Click HERE for the Choral Printed Music")

-Practice the music...Over...and Over

-Fill out the 'Choral Audition Form" (given out in class or find in folder next to Sign-up sheet on bulletin board outside Choir Office in E-wing. 

-Please be early for the time you sign up for

-Any other questions...find an appropriate time to ask the E-Wing teachers and we'll be glad to help you!

Addition "To Do's" for Show Choir:

-Go to    and read the 'Show Choir Handbook' and print off a copy of the 'Student/Parent Agreement.'

-Bring a signed copy of the 'Student/Parent Agreement' with you to your vocal placement or choreography placement

-Attend 1 of the 2 Choreography Placements - you'll learn a short dance in a bout 30-45 minutes and then perform it in small groups. (Wear clothes to sweat in!!!)


2014-15 Showchoir Dance Audition Time/Dates



Show Choir Handbook and "Student/Parent Agreement" form will be available here when Audition dates are announced. 


Contact Mrs. Cotton or Mr. Jacobson if you have additional questions. or







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