LSW GOPO Informaition - PARENTS OF NEXT YEAR SENIORS  (Class of 2018)
Did you know your senior needs to complete 20 hours of community service to graduate?   Did you know your senior can start their volunteer hours the SUMMER AFTER their junior year?   Please encourage your student to complete their volunteer hours this summer. 

Volunteer forms can be picked up in the main office during office hours over the summer.  Students will need these specific forms to volunteer this summer. 
The main office is open from 7:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

We encourage students to have their Go Po hours completed before they finish their classroom instruction.  This enables teachers to give students a grade.  If Go Po hours are not complete, students will receive an incomplete until the hours are met.  Please note that by having an incomplete on your report card students will NOT be eligibility for Honor Roll & Seven Semester Hour Roll.  Please make sure your student is aware of this!

LPS Service Contract
To Research all possible volunteer options
GOPO Community Service Requirements