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Grading Policy:

  • The summative category (tests, projects, etc.) is 80% of the final grade. The formative category (homework, quizzes, etc.) is 20% of the final grade.
  • Homework is due by the day that you take the test. Homework submitted after taking the test will not be counted.
  • Any test that is started must be completed in that sitting. Whatever is finished during the class period is what will be graded. If you come in to make up a test, if you start on a page or section of the test you must finish it.

For the breakdown of how grades will be calculated for each class please see the "Grading.pdf" file located at the top of each course's page.

Grading Scale:

90 or higher A 70-74 C
85-89 B+ 65-69 D+
80-84 B 60-64 D
75-79 C+ 59 or lower F

Lincoln Southwest Cheating Policy.pdf

Page Updated: March 21, 2017 Email: Matthew G. James