Technology Classes

Information Technology 1 - In this course you will learn to use applications that would be used in a typical office environment, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Power Point. This class is essential for those looking to pursue a career in business or technology.

Information Technology 2 - For those who have already completed Information Technology 1. This course will build on the skills already obtained in the previous course.

Digital Design - The purpose of this class is to provide those with an interest in journalism, business communications/graphic design, or commercial art with the tools available which may not be otherwise available to them. The aim of this class is to teach the principles of computer-generated layouts and graphics that are needed to create effective and marketable multi-page publications.

Web Page Programming - This course will provide an understanding of how information is produced and disseminated onto the World Wide Web. In this class students with ranging skills in web page programming come together to design various web sites. Students learn to use HTML, XHTML, CSS and web editors.

Digital Media 1 - Students create multimedia presentations incorporating sound, graphics, and digital video.

Digital Media 2 - Students in this course will use computers to work with text, graphic images, video, sound, and animation to complete multimedia projects.

Business & Marketing Classes

World of Business - Tap the skills, interests, and abilities related to the world of work, personal money management, accounting, and marketing.

Accounting - Recommended for those interested in a business-related career or college business major. Possible advanced placement and college credit possible.

College Accounting - Recommended for Colleges of Business Administration. Advanced placement and college credit possible.

Business Law - Students will learn about civil/criminal law, contracts, and other legal issues associated with business.

Business Management - A project-oriented course giving students an opportunity to examine business characteristics & organization.

Keyboarding - Learn how to touch type on the keyboard-start with the basics! Also learn basic document formatting.

Marketing - A beginning marketing course that focuses on product development, market research, and market segments. Foundation for all marketing courses and/or careers.

Promotional Marketing - For students interested in the world of promotion, advertising, display, personal selling, and publicity.

Sports & Entertainment Marketing - Learn about the business of sports and entertainment marketing.

Business Economics - Economic theory and management of finances. Meets economics graduation requirements.

Take Charge - required of all Juniors.

College Personal Finance - TBA