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Welcome to the Lincoln North Star Counseling Center

The North Star Counseling Center is here to serve all students.  We look forward to assisting students as they transition to high school, progress through the curriculum and move toward their post secondary plans. The Lincoln North Star Counseling Center is open from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.  Counselors are on duty from 7:45 am to 3:15 pm  but may be out of the immediate office due to scheduled meetings and or school appointments.


Scholarship Link:

If you would like to follow news from the counseling center on twitter you can follow at: @LNSCounseling



FAFSA Filing at North Star
Education Quest will come to North Star and help students and parents file their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Assistance). Call the counseling center at 436-1305 option 3 to reserve your appointment. First come first serve. There is no charge for this service. Set your tax appointment up as early as you can to help with the FAFSA process. Taxes need to be completed to complete the FAFSA. Tuesday FAFSA appointments will start on Tuesday, February 4th and will run through the months of February, March and April.

Day Time Individual Appointments with Education Quest at North Star
Call the counseling center at 436-1305 option 3 to reserve your appointment at North Star. 2013 Taxes need to be completed before the appointment date.

Appointments can also be set up for the Downtown Education Quest Office at 475-5222 if the dates at North Star won't work into your schedule. Appointment times at North Star are during the school day from 9:00 am to 3:00 p.m.


Priority deadlines for Nebraska schools include:

Buffett Scholarship - Buffett application due February 1 - FAFSA due March 15th

UNL - UNO - UNK - FAFSA due April 1st

Chadron State - Peru State - Wayne State - FAFSA due June 1

SCC - FAFSA due July 1st



Summer School 2014 will be held at North Star High School from May 29 - July 10 from 8:00-11:50 AM. .Students may take 2 classes (10 credits). Classes meeting most graduation requirements will be offered. Registration for North Star students will be held from
April 21 – May 16 in the LNS Counseling Center.

Week of April 21 – 25: LPS seniors only
Week of April 28 – May 2: LPS seniors and juniors only
Week of May 5 – 9: All LPS Students
Week of May 12 – 16: All LPS Students and non-LPS Students

Registration procedure:
Students should see their counselors for recommendations and registration forms.
Students return registration forms with parent/guardian signatures and payment to Counseling Secretary as soon as possible.
Students report to LNS at 8:00 on May 29 to receive their schedules and begin classes.

Homework HelpNow! at:

2-11 p.m. Every Day

Homework HelpNow

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Homework HelpNow powered by brainfuseHomework HelpNow provides free homework help and online tutoring. Chat with a tutor through instant messaging from 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM, seven days a week for grades 3-12 in the areas of math, English, science, and social studies. Spanish-speaking tutors are also available.


ACT Information
Register Online at:


ACT Question of the Day

Startran Bus Routes:


Students who are new to North Star may contact Jodi Vanek, Registrar, at 436-1305 during the summer for registration instructions. Ms. Vanek can explain what documents are necessary for registration. Students who have been cleared to register by Ms. Vanek will have an opportunity to meet with a counselor for new student registration.

*****Juniors and Seniors: Please be aware that taking
fewer than 7 full classes per semester may have a
negative impact on your class rank. Class Rank is
determined by both weighted and total credits earned .***



Counseling Center Staff participate in Homecoming Spirit Week During Fashion Disaster Day

Counselor phone contact :  402- 436-1305, option 3  to reach us or our departmental voice mail.


Ninth Grade Academy:

A-L and ELL Levels 1-3

Susan Townsend


Ninth Grade Academy:

M-Z and ELL Levels 1-3

Susan Seacrest

ELL contact, UNL  Anthropology Mentors, Education Quest Committee


Grades 10-12:

A - D Alpha

Rick Boyle

twitter - @LNSCounseling

Team Leader, Counseling Web Page, Financial Aid.


Grades 10-12:

E-K Alpha

Connie Freudenberg

Student-Parent Team member,


Grades 10-12:

L- Q Alpha

Lionel Suarez

PSAT, Latinos Sin Fronteras.

Grades 10-12:

R-Z Alpha

Lori Hemmett  


Case Manager: 

Diane Fern

Social Worker - Personal and Social concerns, SCIP Coordinator, SAT Team.

Grant Coordinator:

Susan Bond

Social Worker - Personal and Social concerns.


Linda Klimm

436-1305 option 3 or extension 65300


Jodi Vanek

Phone: 436-1305 option 1

Fax: 402- 458-3101  

To find Mrs. Vanek visit the attendance office, which is across from the main office.

The mailing address of Lincoln North Star High School is:

Lincoln North Star High School

5801 N 33rd Street

Lincoln, NE 68504



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