"Vox Populi"

a Latin Quote

The Voice of the People

As much as any institution in Lincoln since 1871, Lincoln High School has represented the feelings, values, and intentions of the community in which it resides. For those long time members of the Lincoln Community the voices in our fair city have changed over the years. No place illustrates the changes in our community more than the hallways of Lincoln High.

One thing that hasn't changed at Lincoln High is the voice with which it's students shout to those willing to listen. That voice is one of Freedom. That voice is no more apparent than in the pages of the three preeminent student publications at Lincoln High, the Scribe, The Advocate, and "The Links" the Lincoln High Yearbook.

Through the years the voices, feelings, and beliefs of Lincoln High students have been shared in these three publications. The face of Lincoln High changes and the voice changes too. Click on any of the three logos below and be linked to what the students of Lincoln High were thinking while our nation was at war.

The scribe banner.  Click here to link to poems and stories written by Lincoln High Students.


The Lincoln High Yearbook logo.  Click here to visit pages with stories from the Lincoln High Yearbook.


The Banner for the Advocate.  The Lincoln High Newspaper.  Click here to link to articles and news from Lincoln High advocata during war