"With reasonable men I will reason; with humane men I will plead; but to tyrants I will give no quarter, nor waste arguments, where they will certainly be lost."

William Lloyd Garrison

....All Gave Some.

This project would have never been possible without the help of many people. The picture below shows a few of those who provided labor and support.

Thanks to Larry Dawson who scanned all the media pages. Larry is probably still scanning as you read this. Mr. Dawson, you are the Man!

A huge thanks to Master Brian Fitzgerald at LPS. Brian answered my stupid questions and solved several of my web page building issues.

Thanks to Damian Cline and Nic Kielty for helping with the typing on this page and the swimming page. I call them the "Keyboard Kings".

A heartfelt thanks to Deborah McGinn and the Scribe Editors, Alex Lierz, Faith Schell, Allison Starr, Carson Mcneil, Mimi Merliss, Dylan Roberson, and Eric Holt, who scoured past issues of Scribe for the articles presented within these pages.

Thanks to Hozan Abdulrahman who helped research the names on the Roll of Honor. Hozan is also a pretty mean keyboarder himself.

Bill Zuspan and Nancy Grant Colson are two outstanding Lincoln High Educators who provided materials for this site. Thanks for the use of your materials Nancy and Bill. Feel free to add some lesson plans to the "Teacher Resources" page :-).

If I ever need the answer to a question, or need to find a resource, I go to the media center. Thanks for putting up with me Paula, Pam, Janice, and Madeline. Are you looking for an answer? Go to the media Center!

Special thanks to Lisa Sauer for assuring me "it will work", and "it will be O.K.". Lisa, I dig your positive attitude.

And thanks to Dr. Mike Wortman for the reminding me that "if I wanted something I've never had before, I would have to do something I've never done before." I've never built a website before and I certainly never would have without the help of all these cool people.