"In schoolbooks and in literature we can separate ecclesiastical and political history; in the life of mankind they are intertwined."

Leopold von Ranke

Korean War History Links

Technically the Korean War began on June 25th 1950 when the Soviet backed North Korean Peoples Army invaded the American backed Republic of Korea. Following the invasion by North Korea the United State implored the united Nations Security Council to exercise the United Nations Charter and label the North Koreans as the aggressors.

In the early stages of the conflict the North Koreans swept south overwhelming the poorly equipped South Koreans. The americans entered the war and began to beat back the North Koreans and soon crossed the 38th parallel and raced deep into North Korean territory.

The Chinese army entered the fray as Americans advanced to the Manchurian border. Eventually the battle became a stalemate and the sides decided to sit down at the table and begin armistice talks. The talks meandered on for two years and on July 27th the sides signed an agreement to discontinue hostilities.

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