"There never was a good war or a bad peace."

Benjamin Franklin


A wise person once told me that "after every period of war, there is a period of peace".

But what is peace?

Who among us can argue that we all want to live, prosper, and raise our families in a world without war, division, bigotry, and conflict?

To be sure, there are a few that thrive on conquest and domination. Conquest and domination are part of the natural law, but so too are peace, love, and understanding. Neither supercedes the other, but when violence and spite overcome peace and harmony, then there is war.

Only the most cynical would say that the students and staff of Lincoln High, who gave the last full measure of devotion did not believe in righteousness of their cause. It is my firm belief that I am here today because they chose thus.

In the final analysis, only the damned take another life out of spite. So to you, today, fight the good fight. Find the commonality of all good men and women. Reject the rhetoric of hate and division. Resolve to usher into the future of human kind a new belief based on the sanctity and individuality of us all.

Let it be known that you will not suffer the opinions of the hateful and unjust; rather, proclaim to all that you will see the value of all life, you, me, she, and he, before and after, together.

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Only a few of you will have made it this far. Rebuke me if you must, and I will excise my words at your behest