Thousands are still missing
From those Wars of the past
Slowly, some are coming home

Del "Abe" Jones


Unfortunately, during our research for this site, it became apparent that collecting information on our fallen Links would be a monumental task. The internet and the Lincoln High archives were able to provide much information. But the faces and facts concerning so many of these fallen Links is temporarily out of our reach with the resources we have.

With your help we could add to the stories for those Links that remain obscured to us. If you knew any of these fallen Links and you notice that information about their service is missing please help us find it. If you know of someone related to a member of the Roll of Honor contact those relatives and make them aware of our site and tell them what we are trying to do.

It is never easy to talk about those we love that have passed, but with your help we can make sure that each and every member of the Roll of Honor gets their story told. If you would, please use the form below and provide us with any information about a person you know who's names appear within these rolls. If you are able to provide a picture of your loved one we would to post it with the information you share.

We are committed to finding out information on all the Roll of Honor members and presenting that information in an appropriate and respectful way. With your efforts our goal can be accomplished.


If you have any other thoughts that you wish to add about this Roll of Honor member please consider using our Stories page.