All the wrong people remember Vietnam. I think all the people who remember it should forget it, and all the people who forgot it should remember it.

Michael Herr, 1989

Vietnam War

In the History of these United States there has arguably never been a war that stirred more emotions than the Vietnam War. The sides for and against the war dueled on the streets of the United States no less harder than the brave soldiers of America who fought on the soil of Vietnam.

In the Cold War mentality of the era the Vietnam War was a necessary action to prevent the spread of communism across the globe. To that extent it was partially successful. At the same time, in America, the great land of democracy, movements were sprouting forth. The Women's Movement, Black Power, The Latino Movement, the American Indian Movement, and the Peace Movement all coincided in a conflagration of change. In some measure the Vietnam War was a victim of this profoundly changing America.

Regardless of your position on the merits of the Vietnam War, not one among us can argue that good men and women on both sides fought and died. Take a moment to click on the names below. They were once as us, alive. In their memory let us resolve to uphold the foundation of our great democracy, Freedom. Freedom for all of the worlds citizens.

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Marvin Kruger

Thomas McKnight