Our Classroom


Miss Udell

Clip Chart Behavior

This year we will be using the Clip Chart Behavior System.  Here's how it works! 

Look at the picture of the Clip Chart.  On each side of the "Ready to Learn" section are clothespins with the names of students.  Everyone will begin each day on the green section of the chart.  During the course of the day, the clothespins will move up and down the chart depending on the behavior choices each student makes.  Good behavior will cause the clothespin to move up one level.  Inappropriate behavior will cause the clothespin to move down one level. 



Intervention Levels: 

Moving Down the Chart

The first level below "Ready to Learn" is "Think About It."  This is really a warning or reminder level.  There are no consequences at this level.  The student simply moves the clothespin and gets back to work.  Afterall, everyone makes mistakes and with just a little effort the student will have the clothespin moving up the chart again. 

This level is labeled "Teacher's Choice" because it gives Miss Udell some latitude in consequences.  Some students respond to "a talk."  Other students respond to a loss of priviledges, other students respond to speaking with Mrs. Schwartz or Mr. Naumann.  When a student is not following a classroom rule, the student will move his/her clothespin, fill out a form describing his/her behavior choice. 


Parent Contact 

If a student moves the clothespin to this section the parent will be notified so that together we can work out a plan for the student.  Parents, of course, also know whether "a talk" or "loss of priviledges" tends to be an effective intervention for their child. 

Documentation:  If a student is asked to move the clothespin down a level, he/she will immediately fill out this simple form. 

Moving Up the Chart

Students can also move up the chart.  There are a variety of ways to move up the chart, as individuals, as groups, and as a class.  If a group is working well together, your teacher may have the whole group move their clothespins up one level.  If the entire class is working well together, your teacher may have the whole group move their clothespins up one level. 

Top of the Chart

If a student's clothespin is at the "Outstanding" section of the chart and is asked to move it up a level, the student will move it to the "Top of the Chart!" 

When a student reaches the "Top of the Chart" he/she will add a jewel to his/her clothespin.  After five jewels, the clothespin will be retired and the student will receive a new clothespin. 


Parent Communication

We will keep track of daily behavior choices using the form below.  This form will be kept in your child's binder.