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2013-2014 Course Document Links:

AP Lit Comp

English 9D

Previous Years' Course Overviews & Expectations:

A.P. Lit


Poetry Unplugged

Introduction to Theatre

English 9

English 9D


English Dept Grade Articulation


AP Lit/Comp

So Far From God (final) Questions

English 9

Independent Reading Project

Comedy Powerpoint

English 9D

Independent Reading Project Sem 1

Classics List

Final: Domino Project

Research Project Rubric



Shakespeare History & Context Assignment

Final Project Spring 2011

Final: Quotation Project

Final Fall 2011: The Tempest of our Times

Intro to Theatre

Monologue Assignment 1

History of Drama Research Project

Play Attendance Assignment

Final: Set Design Project


"The man who knows he knows something knows he knows nothing at all." --unknown

"Who is it that can tell me who I am?"

Shakespeare, King Lear