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Brand New - Heart Ball 2011

The 8 page story for the American Heart Association

Quinn's Video 20006-2011

download a short piece about Quinn's Life History - Click here we created it to share with folks helping on Quinn's house, but it has a good history of medical and miracle moments, I though I would share it with everyone.

Here you can download old blogs and see video's, as well as see a simple verson of our life story, thanks to a few dear friends letters.  Scroll down farther to see!

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click here to view the radio announcement with pictures from the Quinn's first two years 2008.

Our first video of hope Quinn's first year 2007.

Quinn's story as told by Erin and Virginia 2008.

Story from Zeman Gazette from Christmas Wish 2008

Quinn Dancing in her Walker 2010.

Please Keep us in your prayers!  They are working and we are grateful!

Quinn's Older Journals  can be found by

clicking on the word Journal, then they can be downloaded in a PDF version

 Older Journals