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“The most important thing to do when solving a problem is to begin”

Frank Tyler



Lincoln Southwest Student Council


Our Mission

To represent the voice of the student body, by coordinating, promoting, and assisting in the daily student organizations and academic/extracurricular activities that shape student life at Lincoln Southwest.


Student council is an organization at Southwest comprised of all types of students. We are Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors - all from different walks of life, and all working together for the betterment of the school and the student body.

Student Council members are chosen from a rigorous selection process consisting of reference letters, interview, timed essay response, and a student vote! There are (at) least two representatives from each grade level, as well as many "at-large" seats. Selection is limited to twenty spots for Southwest's best emerging leaders!

Each year the student council works hard to promote a positive school environment, as well as advocate on behalf of the student body to the administration and greater Southwest community. The Student Council plans and organizes events to promote school unity both inside and outside of the school. Some specifics include community philanthropy, school improvement (our Green/White Affair is always a hit), student dances, and school unity activities like Flight Night in the Spring, seasonal SilverScreen on the Green events, and the school's own Student News Broadcast.

We can often be seen plugging away at Council business in the early hours of the day - during zero block. The Counci meets every Monday and Tuesday morning to discuss Council business, as well as Friday mornings to film upcoming Student News Broadcasts. In addition to the Council, our members are also furthering their leadership abilities by taking a concurrent Leadership Course which meets every Wednesday and Thursday morning.

We are your friends, neighbors, sons, daughters, and students - we are the Lincoln Southwest Student Council!

If you are interested in joining our team, feel free to contact us, or stop in to A114 for details!





 Student Council Forms and Information

Student-Parent Information Form

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Credibility is the Foundation of Leadership



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