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Modern World History II

10th Grade Modern World History II
Mr. Brady

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Potential Test Essay Flow Chart
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Modern World History II Syllabus

We will be using Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction by McDougal Littell as the main textbook. If you prefer, you may also access the Online Textbook.

1) Read Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction as assigned.
2) Read: You must read and supplemental handouts, and be prepared to discuss them in discussion.
3) Exams: Exams will be non-cumulative covering information from the textbook, lectures, and any handouts or videos/documentaries viewed.
4) Various individual and group projects and activities: There will be projects and small group activities daily, participation not only helps facilitate learning, but it is required.
5) Assigned Current Events: Each student will be responsible for providing a current event for class discussion (as assigned throughout the term).
6) Research Paper: The research paper will reflect research into an historical event or person (discussed with the teacher on an individual basis). The paper must: be 3-5 pages in length (double spaced), and will be further explained in subsequent handouts.
7) Class Presentation: You will be expected to report your research paper to the class (5-10 minutes in length). This will be explained in subsequent handouts.

Classroom Conduct:
1) Respect Other Opinions: There will be a tremendous amount of group discussion and small group work; without respect these (and other activities) would be impossible. Every person in the classroom is entitled to have his/her opinion(s) heard in a safe environment, free from ridicule. You may not agree with someone?s opinion, but please respect his/her right to be heard!
2) Be on time to class: We will be starting off class time with a question of the day and current events; both designed to get you thinking about the information we will be discussing that day. Attendance is required and will be taken daily. If you arrive late make sure you have a signed pass. You will not be allowed to go back for a pass.
3) Participation is expected: I have designed classroom activities and informative sessions to coincide to better help the learner grasp the material; without participation the learning process is greatly hindered and you might find yourself trailing behind others in academic success.
4) Report a bad day: Everybody has bad days; it?s going to happen! If you are having a particularly bad day please inform me. If I am aware of this fact I can modify my teaching to accommodate the situation. Please don?t wait until I call on you for an answer or assign you to a small group activity before you let me know (either directly a.k.a. telling me, or indirectly a.k.a. having a verbal altercation with me or another fellow student).
5) A day planner is needed to leave the classroom.
6) Required materials are expected to be brought daily; including a pen, #2 pencil, text(s), and your notebook.
7) Makeup Work is the responsibility of the student. You will be given the same days to make up the work as you missed.
8) Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Students are responsible for completing their own work. Any violation will follow the Social Studies Department cheating/plagiarism policy.

Grading Policy:
We will be following the same grading scale as the rest of the social studies department. A=90-100%, B+=85-89%, B=80-84%, C+=75-79%, C=70-74%, D+=65-69%, D=60-64%, F=0% Cheating on tests or individual assignments will not be tolerated, and we will follow the LSW policy that is posted on the front board.

Tests and quizzes will be given periodically to ascertain the progress of the student. The tests/quizzes will be graded according to the Social Studies Department grading scale.

Extra Credit:
There will be opportunities presented throughout the term for extra credit at my discretion.

Make - Up Work:
It is your responsibility to inquire about any work missed. If you will be missing school for a school organized event see me prior to the absence to inform me; once informed we can work together to make sure you have the covered material or assignment. Failure to complete the missed work will result in a lower grade. Any exceptional circumstances will be dealt with on an individual basis. Once again, homework and assignments will be posted on the class website.

Late Work:
Late assignments will always be accepted, but will be penalized. Assignments two weeks past their due date will not be accepted. Exceptional cases will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Attendance Policy:
A student will be allowed 3 absences per term before being placed on a non-credit status. All absences will be included in this total with the exception of school activities and parent-excused absences (communication with attendance office must be made within two days). We will follow the Southwest attendance policy listed in your student planner.

The consequences for absences are as follows:
1st absence: Student-teacher conference
2nd absence: A letter will be sent home from the office alerting the parent/guardian of the attendance situation.
4th absence: When a student has four absences recorded in any class, they will be placed on non-credit status. A student may appeal for credit in a class where they have accumulated four or more absences, and are receiving a passing grade. Appeal forms are available in the attendance office and must be submitted for consideration on the last Wednesday of each term during which the absence occurred.

Students are expected to be on time to all classes. Students who arrive late to class will need to fill out a tardy slip, which may be found near the door. The consequences are as follows:
1st tardy: Fill out a tardy slip and discuss why I was late with my teacher.
2nd tardy: Fill out a tardy slip, discuss why I was late with my teacher, and parents will be notified.
3rd tardy: Fill out a tardy slip, discuss why I was late with my teacher, parents will be notified, and I will be referred to the appropriate administrator.

Tentative Schedule:
East Meets West/North Meets South
World War I
20th Century Revolutionary Movements
Post WWI Nationalism & Natl. Forces in China
Japan Post WWI
The Great Depression
Test #1
Fascism and Totalitarian Regimes
The Holocaust
The Cold War
Test #2
Revolutionary Movements in Asia
Regional and Political Conflicts; Korea, Vietnam, Middle East, etc.
European Colonial Rule
Patriotic Behavior
Civic Rights and Responsibilities
Test #3